Get Started in Monitoring

Earthquakes progress along fault lines that you can now follow using tracking apps or the EMSC website.
Look for the last 48 hours of earthquakes.
Dutchsinse Livestream image
This video shows the last 48 hours of earthquakes around the world from official agencies. Arrows are from Dutchsinse who has a method of forecasting showing the progression of seismic pressure along fault lines. Rings show earthquake location. Rings far from the globe are deep earthquakes towards the core of the earth. The darker the red rings the older they are within 48 hours. If you hear bells they are a live earthquake alerts. Count bell rings you hear for magnitude. Numbers indicate magnitude. Ring with green is the latest earthquake.
Volcano Discovery App (Earthquake & Volcano monitoring. iPhone & Android):
Screenshot of Volcano Discovery app
Use this video to match my settings in monitoring on Volcano Discovery app:
Sample arrows map
Use the Dutchsinse map with arrows to see which way earthquakes move. Earthquakes move like rivers along these lines and they are always the same.
MAP: ‘D’ are where deep earthquakes appear from 200km – 750km. From the ‘D’ follow arrows as this is where the shallow earthquakes progress the next few days from the deep earthquakes. ‘X’ are termination point where the progression of seismic pressure will finish.
Deep earthquakes cause larger shallow earthquakes and when the shallow earthquakes appear, then you can work out where they will move next with our map. Look for SILENT ZONES. Silent zones are quiet areas between 2 earthquakes along a fault line.. Silent zones are liable for earthquakes or eruptions (unless the eruption is already happening).
This website will auto translate and you can learn to forecast here. Start studying now.