by You are very inteligent and most times need within yourself to prove yourself...however from what i have observed you WILL be able to show more soles on Earthquakes and Weather
Without doubt in proving your insite with knowledge of your GREAT STUDIES. MAYBE YOU DO NOT REALIZE YOU ARE SAVING MANY LIVES WHICH ARE SOLES. YOU !

Haist not and look beneith your reason...for he is here and giving him the fate... For Iest am the fate and the ground is hasten forgot in that you will feel thi charictor and fear not but be just

Dutchsense is blessed with forsight whitch will not be matched take heed in thuscthe record has been writen in these padgesvwith have been Thothed with the truth. Seek the truth Dutch....nomatter the cost.

Quinn 12

 by Luceita on Earthquakes and Weather

Spot on!

 by Debi Smith on Earthquakes and Weather
Sue! Thank YOU So Much

I have been looking for Exactly what you have here on your page! Oh I feel like I have found the Oasis I have been looking for~ I have missed Dutch so much! He is the Best and Knows his stuff more than all the bozo's that mock and hassle him! I miss him so much and I Really want to keep up with all this~ Thank you SO SO Much

 by World Harmonics on Earthquakes and Weather


Thanks for taking the time!! Thanks for sharing! Shows you care! Just like Dutchsinse!! Love what you bring to those of us with more curious and open mindsets. Sorry for those that only know how to send negative energy, but Karma..., "umm, huh." That will take care of the trolls and haters.

 by Anne B on Earthquakes and Weather
Great site

Good source of information and also highly educational

 by ResistforHope on Earthquakes and Weather
Earthquake forecasting can save lives

A better quality of life is worth fighting for. Helping others to reach this understanding, with this gathering of information, is a human action that comes from and is made of love. sharing information is an act that profiteers will discourage, always. we must work together. we must be eternally vigilant. or else, we will be forced to say "it's totally random" and be reduced to being products that react in fear. businesses profit while destroying any chance for animals to be alive. knowledge is power, and we, the people, must take the power back. we must fight if we want to live.

 by Lawrence Robinson on Earthquakes and Weather

Just pseudoscience and propaganda for the feeble minded people.

 by Kim tomlinson on Earthquakes and Weather

This man is a genius, I have been following him since July, and I am hooked. He explains things like a professor , easily and simply so you can follow. It’s a shame he gets tormented by those of higher qualifications, and they try to stop him. He is only trying to save lives and get a heads up for people around the world. He is a must see. Thank you dutchsinse for your dedicated work in humanity.

 by Sucahya Jaya on Earthquakes and Weather

This page share important information for people who lives in the area ring of fire. They need to be informed well about potential danger and doing pre emptive action before it happen.

 by leslie p hogan on Earthquakes and Weather
transfer map

best ever this could save lives so great job .

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